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Online Security At The Unicorn Shoppe...

We read with alarm recently an article that stated that many consumers are avoiding small online retailers, shopping at the big superstores instead, because of concerns about online security. We can't speak for other small stores, of course, but in our case, we think that such thinking is misguided.

Like most, if not all, online retailers, we do all we can to secure our site to keep malicious hackers out. However, we realize that no site is so bullet-proof that it can't be hacked. Major financial institutions like banks, who spend millions of dollars on online security, are hacked everyday, and tens of thousands of credit card numbers are stolen in the process.

At The Unicorn Shoppe, your payment information is more secure than at your bank or at major retailers.

We have a philosophy about security here at The Unicorn Shoppe. A hacker can't steal information that's not on the server or internet facing computer. For convenience, banks and major retailers keep your payment information stored online. This makes things easy for return customers, but it also means that your payment information is vunerable whenever a hacker gets inside the system.

Again, our philosophy is that a hacker can't steal what's not there. Without going into too much detail, your payment information is never completely stored on our server. In addition, the moment we process your payment (usually within an hour after you place your order), the payment information bits that are stored on our server are deleted. In other words, a hacker might be able to get into our site, but he won't find anything useful to steal.

This may pose a small inconvenience to you, since every time you order from us you'll have to re-enter your payment information. But you'll be able to sleep better at night, knowing that at The Unicorn Shoppe, your credit card numbers aren't facing the Internet, waiting for a hacker to find them.

And if this doesn't convince you and you still think that you're safer shopping with one of the "big guys," you can always shop on our site and choose to pay through PayPal!

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