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About The Unicorn Shoppe

The Unicorn Shoppe began as the online store for, our sister site, back in January, 2000. In those days we didn't even have our own web address, but were included within the pages of the AlternativeApproaches web site. Within months, however, we discovered that there was a need for an online store such as ours and was born. We've been here, at this Web address, ever since.

In September, 2001 we moved into our first "bricks and mortar" store. In those days we were at Cooks Marketplace, a week-end independant merchants mall in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. In June, 2004 we moved into a suitably funky old storefront near "historic Old Salem" in Winston-Salem.

Having a full time store helped us to grow. In April, 2006, we finally closed our original week-end store at Cooks so we could concentrate our efforts on the full time location.

At this location we not only offered many of the products you find online here (and other items not offered online), but we also offered Tarot readings and Reiki healing sessions as well. In addition, we offered a variety of classes and workshops and became an important meeting place for the Pagan and New Age community in Winston-Salem.

By 2012, however, the recession began to take it's toll on our bricks and mortar store, although our online business continued to grow. It saddened us, but we made the decision in the spring of that year to close our physical store and to concentrate on our online business. On May 12, 2012 we closed the doors of our store for the last time.

Now we operate out of our warehouse located near the community of King just north of Winston-Salem. Without the distraction of the physical store, we're able now to offer even better customer service, and are constantly working to find new unique products to offer you at super low prices. We invite you to take a look through our site - we're sure you finds lots of products to spark your interest!

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