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Clearing Or Cleansing A Crystal Or Gem

by Christine Hall

Crystals and gemstones are sensitive to the energies they encounter. For this reason, you'll probably want to clear any residual energies that your crystal might have picked-up before you begin working with it. In most cases, either of the following methods will work fine.

1. The simplest method to clean your crystal or gemstone is to let the clearing power of the sun gently work for you. All you have to do is to set the crystal or stone in a place where it will be undisturbed and where it will receive an ample amount of direct sunlight. A window sill with a southern exposure or a rail on your porch or deck might be perfect for this. At the end of three days your crystal should be all clear and ready for you to use.

This method works best for crystals that haven't been exposed to an overabundance of negative energy. If you think your crystal has been exposed to a relatively great degree of negativity, use the next method.

2. In a clear glass quart jar, make a heavy saline solution of one part sea salt to three parts water. Although you can use ordinary table salt, I recommend sea salt for a couple of reasons. First, the shape of the salt crystals in natural sea salt is highly suited for the purpose of drawing-out negative energies. Also, natural sea salt contains a plethora of other minerals (including gold, a solar metal), many of which are useful for the cleaning process.

After you make your saline solution, place your crystal in the jar with the solution. Then place the jar in a location where it will receive plenty of direct sunlight. After three days, remove the crystal from the solution and rinse under running water. This method is not recommended for crystals or stones that have been set in a metal, like silver, that might be damaged by salt.

Although either of these methods will suffice in 99.9% of cases, sometimes you might come across a crystal that's been exposed to so much negative energy that it can't be easily cleaned. For example, some crystal healers use tourmalated quartz as a healing stone. Eventually, a piece of tourmalated quartz used this way will get so filled with “gunk” that the only way it can be cleaned is by burying it in the ground – sometimes for years.

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