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Metaphysical Properties of Some Gems & Crystals

by Christine Hall

Amethyst: Amethyst is not only one of the most beautiful gemstones, it is one of the most useful in a metaphysical sense. Considered to be the universal antidote in gem healing (if you're not sure what stone a person needs, get an amethyst), amethyst is known for its stress relieving qualities. Just looking at an amethyst's cool purple hues has a calming and soothing effect, without any hint of sedation. This makes amethyst a perfect gemstone for you to wear if you are constantly under stress or if you tend to be fearful or nervous.

Because amethyst is a crystalline mineral, it is easily metaphysically charged and readily transmits its energy when called upon. Before charging an amethyst, you might try anointing it with a few drops of lavender oil, since lavender and amethyst have similar properties. Use amethyst in any working that deals with emotional issues.

Clear Quartz: This is the most widely used crystal in metaphysical circles. One of the chief properties of clear quartz is that it naturally amplifies energy around it, which makes it a very useful tool.

When worn within the body's auric field, as a pendant or necklace perhaps, clear quartz will help bring strength and vitality to the wearer. When used as a meditation tool, the properties of this stone will help strengthen the users train-of-thought.

Because of these unique properties, clear quartz is probably “ritually charged” more often than any gemstone. A person who is trained to work with quartz will look for certain aspects to determine the best use for a particular piece of quartz. In a metaphysical working, quartz is most often placed in the east to represent the element of Air and the intellect.

Hematite: These days, hematite is all the rage – and for good reason; hematite is the perfect grounding stone. In these modern times, with expressways, the Internet, and constant chatter from cell phones, radio and television, many of us sometimes have trouble keeping our feet firmly planted in the earth. Most of the time, wearing a hematite pendant or bracelet will do the trick and help keep the wearer firmly connected with our mother, the earth.

The grounding properties of hematite are very powerful, and it's very easy to get too much of a good thing. I recommend staying away from heavy hematite necklaces, especially those made from hundreds of hematite chips. Remember, you want to use hematite to keep yourself grounded, not to sink into the earth as if in a quicksand bog. To my knowledge, hematite is very rarely used in metaphysical workings, although this stone would be very appropriate on an Earth altar.

Moonstone: Although moonstone, because of its lunar properties, is considered a goddess stone or “women's stone,” it has energies that are also greatly needed by men who are striving for spiritual improvement.

Like the moon, this stone is a regulator that helps our body/mind/spirit to stay in tune with natural cycles. Since women's bodies already have the overt potential to be in tune with these natural cycles, moonstone has long had a place in women's spirituality.

However, men too need to synchronize with the natural ebb and flow of the (monthly) life cycle. Men's bodies are also affected by this cycle, but more subtly so, making it easier for men to get out-of-touch with their inner cycle. But with some effort, by paying attention to the waxing and waning of the moon and by working with the energies of moonstone (and bloodstone), men can achieve great benefit.

All of us should remember the old universal axiom “as it is above, so it is below.” Body, mind and spirit are all intricately related. By paying attention to the rhythms of our body, we can bring the rhythms of our mind and spirit into synchronicity.

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